Program, Project & Process Management

  • Plan development and execution
  • Scope & resource management
  • PMO and COE design and set-up
  • System implementation and oversight

Training & Communications

  • Compliance training development
  • Communication plans- targeted or broad
  • "Clear & Conspicuous" communications

Stakeholder Adoption & Engagement

  • Sponsor engagement
  • Strategies for managing resistance
  • ​Stakeholder buy-in and readiness


Code of Conduct Development and Rollout
Develop or revise the organization's Code of Conduct to reflect applicable business risks and organizational culture.

Compliance Program Assessment & Planning

Evaluate the effectiveness of a business unit's existing compliance efforts to inform strategic planning.

Process Improvements & Redesign

Evaluate business processes to gain efficiencies. increase effectiveness and optimize spend.


Compliance & Regulatory Response

Risk Management

  • Vendor, Third Party and Fiduciary
  • Risk prioritization and remediation
  • Compliance process and procedures

 Specialized Services

  • ​Investigations
  • Privacy
  • Whistleblower

Project & Change Management

Your Ally in Bridging Business, Compliance and Change

  • FCPA

Regulatory Response Project Management
Liaise with the business and counsel to manage enhancements related to regulatory directives. Manage attendant response including project, change and technology oversight efforts.​

​​Compliance Protocol Development (examples)